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1934 Babe Ruth Tour of Japan Game-Used Cap

Sourced From The Ruth Family 30+ Years Ago


Micro Level analysis

Digital powered close up of player ID "Babe Ruth" stitched in the leather sweatband. Thread where it enters and exits the fabric should remain darker as it has not been exposed to the elements in the same manner as the exposed thread.

✓ analysis of "R" in "Ruth" reveals darker thread at the point of entry and exit.

Period Image Analysis

Although high-resolution imagery is not available to determine a conclusive photo-match, irregularities in the cap's construction and the manner in which the fabric sits is clearly visible in period imagery.

  • Wave and bow on Ruth's front panels just above were it meets the brim.
  • Bunching and ripples on Ruth's front right and right side panel.

EXEMPLAR comparative analysis

Lou Gehrig’s 1934 Tour of Japan Cap offered by Heritage Auctions is nearly identical in construction and player identification.

  • Calligraphy and placement of player IDs. 
  • Single-stitched green thread used in application of player IDs.
  • Metal grommet which secures the open end of the leather sweatband.
  • Identical embossed style of manufacturer's mark in same locations.