Our committee is Comprised by a panel of experts with the goal of providing comprehensive, authoritative and opinion-based knowledge.

  • With a combined 250+ years of game-used knowledge, Photo-Match.com's objective is to give an unbiased and scrupulously researched opinion.
  • Evaluations will be based on a two-tiered system: one for Photo-Matched items and one for authentic material that has not been conclusively matched.
  • Our LOA & Grading criteria is sport and position specific. NBA, MLB, NHL & NFL material will be judged on a unique scale, highlighting a jerseys different attributes and characteristics. Grading will be based on a 10-point system with pluses and minuses. 
  • We reserve the right not to opine on jerseys prior to 1986, unless a definite Photo-Match and/or a team-player documentation exists. In addition we refuse the right to do business with anyone we so choose, this includes accepting submissions from individuals with a poor track record of problematic items.
  • Our mission is to opine on uniforms and/or game-used equipment with a totally unbiased view. If our opinion can be proven wrong by definitive facts, we will offer a full refund for the cost of our opinion. If a conclusive Photo-Match or definitive LOA & Grade return is unobtainable we will partially refund part of your submission fee.