Grading is the first panel-based game-used service of its kind, providing Photo-Matching and exemplar-driven Graded Letters of Authenticity. Our many years of experience have led us to choose our expert panel. We believe they are the very best that exist. There is very little science to authenticating in this hobby, mostly opinion. Our services offer an incredible visual, adding confidence and value in your treasured collectibles.

Our Graded LOAs are sport and position specific. NBA, MLB, NHL & NFL material will be judged on a unique scale, highlighting each jerseys different attributes and characteristics. Grading is based on a 10-point numeric sclae with pluses and minuses.

+ 250+ Years Of Experience's panel of experts are comprised of the finest and most highly regarded professionals in the Hobby. With a combined 250+ years of game-used knowledge, our objective is to give an unbiased and scrupulously researched opinion.

+ We Find The Tough Matches

We use all available methods to Photo-Match including the use of our private image library, Getty Images, Corbis, eBay, AP Images, streaming video, and Google Images+. We simply find photo-matches that others don't/can't. We go much deeper than the obvious online resources. In addition, many of our panel members have been curating incredible off-line image archives that set us apart from the competition.

+ Largest Game-Used Database

Through our years of experince we have been able to cultivate the Hobby’s largest searchable Game-Used database. Our arhives give us access to exemplars that others simply do not have. Exemplar-driven Graded LOAs are based on facts drawing comparisons between your items and authentic examples.

+ Innovative Booklet-Style LOA

Our exclusive booklet style, four page Letters of Authentication provide a beautiful visual, adding confidence and value in your treasured collectibles. Conclusive Photo-Matched items come with full color 8x10 images of your item side by side with your in-game match.

+ Recorded Prices Realized

Authenticated by Michael Jordan's Matched & Graded 1984 USA Olympic Men's Basketball jersey sold for a record price of $273,904. The most expensive game-used basketball jersey ever auctioned!

+ Trusted By Top Auction Houses's LOAs are universally accepted by the Nations leading Auctions Houses. Our LOAs have been featured in Heritage Auctions, Goldin Auctions, Steiner Auctions, Grey Flannel Auctions, Lelands Auctions, SCP Auctions, eBay and more! Our service ensures liquidity.