Game-Used material is evaluated on a two-tiered system: (1) one for Photo-Matched items and (2) one for authentic material that has not been conclusively matched.


Our Graded LOAs are sport and position specific. NBA, MLB, NHL & NFL material will be judged on a unique scale, highlighting a jerseys different attributes and characteristics. Grading will be based on a 10-point numeric system with pluses and minuses. The highest possible grade that can be awarded is a 10+. Jerseys produced post 1985 are subject to an automatic base grade of 5 due to the abundance of team extras and problematic examples. Post 1985 manufactured material may receive a grade higher than a 5 due to player customizations, level of wear, team stamps, documentation, source and/or a Photo-Match. Eye appeal, which is very subjective in nature can move a grade 1.5 points in either direction and is at the sole discretion of the lead evaluator.

We reserve the right not to opine on jerseys produced after 1985 unless a definite Photo-Match and/or a team-player documentation exists depending on the example and submitter. 

A true Photo-Match is the best form of verification that exists in today's marketplace. The theory being that no two game-worn items are alike — each having their own unique characteristics ranging from stains, hit marks, paint transfers, repairs and fabric orientation. The combination of these details creates an identity that can be matched to game-day photography.


Our mission is to opine on uniforms and/or game-used equipment with a totally unbiased view. If our opinion can be proven wrong by definitive facts, we will offer a full refund for the cost of our opinion. If a conclusive Photo-Match or LOA & Grade return is unobtainable we will partially refund your submission fee.