1957 Willie Mays New York Giants Game-Used Home Flannel

Teams Final Season In New York



Thread where it enters and exits the body of the garment should remain darker as it has not been exposed to the elements in the same manner as the uncovered thread.

✓ analysis of "M" in "Mays" stitched in the collar reveals darker thread at the point of entry and exit.

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'57 Giants McAuliffe Manufactured Product

Top: 1957 Willie Mays NY Giants Game-Used Home Flannel Jersey

Bottom: 1957 Joe Margoneri NY Giants Flannel Pants

Comparison & Examination

Calligraphy & Placement of Player Identification:

  • Style of "Ma" in both Mays and Margoneri.
  • Same stitch length and weight of thread.
  • In-line straight stitched black thread used in player ID and white thread anchoring felt onto the uniform.
  • All identifiers hand-sewn, presumably by the same seamstress.
  • Identical felt fabric weights and application.
  • Level of oxidation and wear pattern, respectively.

Player-Specific Characteristics

Custom-tailored button hole closures as Mays preferred a tighter-fitting shirt. 

Excerpt from The Story of Baseball in Words and Pictures by John Durant... "Baseball players have worn the form fitting uniforms since Giants teammates Tito Fuentes and Willie Mays took their pants to a... tailor... and had them re-cut."