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Frank Baker Game-Used Yankee Jersey

1919 Frank "Home Run" Baker NY Yankees Game-Used Road Flannel Jersey

Earliest Known Jersey Of Any Yankee Hall of Famer


Micro Level analysis

Digital powered close up of player ID "Baker" stitched in the interior rear collar fold. Thread where it enters and exits the fabric should remain darker as it has not been exposed to the elements in the same manner as the exposed thread. Thread color has faded to a now yellow-gold color appearance.

✓ Analysis of the "k" in "Baker" reveals darker thread at the point of entry and exit.

Period Image Analysis

Although high-resolution imagery is not available to determine a conclusive photo-match, irregularities in the jersey's construction and the manner in which the "Y" is integrated into the button path is clearly visible in period imagery.

  • Unique placement of the "Y" in "NEW YORK" which sits horizontally centered on the button placket. This location has created the necessity of bisecting the lower stick of the "Y" so that the third button actually cuts through the blue felt.
  • Confirmation of both the sun collar and extended sleeve length.